Hello! I'm a freelance journalist and writer, which is exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I live in New York City and Chicago. Most of my work is done out of coffee shops. My stories have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Crain’s, iVillage, Woman’s Day, BusinessWeek, BBC, Reuters and the Financial Times. I report on a variety of topics including dining trends, consumer lifestyle, entrepreneurship and business education. I'm an international news junkie, travel extensively and love gadgets. Despite lots of practice, I'm still terrible at yoga.

I'm also a creator of 'Russian Dolls' (working title Brighton Beach), a 2011 reality TV series about Russian immigrants living in Brooklyn and I occasionally interview celebrities for Us Weekly. I’ve appeared on Good Morning America, NPR and various U.S. radio stations about my work and have been a guest journalism lecturer at Columbia College. 

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