Journalist & Content Writer



I'm a longtime freelance journalist and writer for major publications. My stories are published in the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Entrepreneur, Family Circle, Crain’s, Woman’s Day,, BusinessWeek, Reuters, Chicago Booth Review, Bon Appetit, Working Mother and the Financial Times.

I report on a variety of topics including dining trends, consumer lifestyle, luxury real estate, beauty, psychology of work, entrepreneurship and emerging academic research.

I approach each project with creativity and accuracy. I work hard to meet deadlines and the constantly evolving requests of what it takes to write engaging and informative copy. As an interviewer, I feel just as comfortable speaking to celebrities and chief executives as I do with sources who are speaking to a journalist for the first time.

In the past, I've created a reality show for Lifetime, covered red carpet events for Us Weekly, and handled rankings for MBA programs. I’ve appeared on Good Morning America, NPR and various U.S. radio stations about my work and have been a guest journalism lecturer at Columbia College and an adjunct professor at Loyola University in Chicago. I'm an international news junkie, travel extensively and love gadgets. I'm a fluent Russian speaker.