Journalist & Content Writer


Surprisingly, I have to answer a lot of questions before I'm allowed to ask them. Here's a sampling of questions I get from sources, people in the press and curious family members.

Will you send me the article before it goes to print or appears online?

Nope. Never. It goes against the editorial policies of the publications I write for and is unethical. If I’m unsure of something you mentioned in an interview, I will be sure to double check specifics by asking follow-up questions.

What about sending the piece after it's published?

I’m usually swamped, so you may not get an individual email, but I try to Tweet about my articles here: (hint, hint).

What was the background noise during our call?

I typically work from coffee shops during the day. There's nothing like starting your day with a skim cappuccino -- or another jolt of caffeine in the afternoon. And yes, everyone at every coffee shop I've ever visited does own an Apple laptop.

I'm full of story ideas. Can I send them your way?

Yes, of course. I would be so grateful. Please submit your story idea using the form to the right. Unless you're trying to use the press as a way to get back at some you've hated since junior high. Then perhaps you should try this.

What if I've got an idea for a reality show - can you help?

Not really. But of course we can speak about the process of pitching Russian Dolls and what it was like.